Dan Schuckers’ Interviews

In 2013 and 2014, 15 prominent Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys and officials (with over 500 years of experience in workers’ compensation law) discussed with former court administrator Dan Schuckers significant changes since 1972.

Those interviews were recorded and edited by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, and have been compiled into 15 short clips.

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Specific Issues

Participants are listed in order of appearance.

1–1972 amendment on fact-finding and 1973 Universal Cyclops

  • Hon. Joseph Hakun


  • Matthew L. Wilson, Esq. and Hon. Joseph Hakun


  • Vincent J. Quatrini, Jr. Esq.


  • Vincent J. Quatrini, Jr. Esq.

5–Commutations and Settlements

  • John W. McTiernan, Esq., Peter J. Weber, Esq. and Barbara L. Hollenbach, Esq.

6–Hearing Loss

  • John W. McTiernan, Esq., Peter J. Weber, Esq., Hon. Joseph Hakun, and Barbara L. Hollenbach, Esq.

7–Work Availability

  • Toni J. Minner, Esq.

8–Unusual Specific Loss Case AND Need to Know Medical Science

  • Hon. Beverly J. Doneker


  • Hon. Beverly J. Doneker

10–1972 Amendments, Rules, and Professionalization of the System

  • Stanley H. Siegel, Esq. (began practice in 1951),

11–1972: “Injury” replaces “Accident” AND Baksalary

  • Stanley H. Siegel, Esq., Harold Fergus, Esq. (served on the WCAB for 29 years), George Martin, Esq.

12–Significant Administrative Changes

  • Hon. Elizabeth A. Crum (has been an L&I administrator since 1988)

13–Remembering Hon. Irvin Stander (a referee/WCJ for over 20 years)

  • Stanley H. Siegel, Esq., Harold Fergus, Esq., George Martin, Esq.

14–Mental/Mental AND Krawchuk

  • George Martin, Esq., Hon. James Deeley, Benjamin L. Costello, Esq., R. Burke McLemore, Esq.

15–Suggested Changes in Workers’ Compensation Law

  • R. Burke McLemore, Esq., Harold Fergus, Esq. George Martin, Esq., Benjamin L. Costello, Esq., Hon. James Deeley, Hon. Elizabeth A. Crum